This series of paintings alludes to a book by the child psychologist Bruno Bettelheim entitled The Uses of Enchantment that inspired Stephen Sondheim’s Broadway musical Into the Woods. In the book, Bettelheim suggests that by reading and interpreting traditional fairy tales in their own way, children are able to grapple with even their darkest fears in symbolic terms. The images in these paintings also refer to my childhood memories of the woods and gardens around my home and my grandmother’s home nearby, the wallpaper patterns of flora and fauna found in these homes, and the fairy tales that both delighted and frightened me as a child. The overlay of patterns and silhouettes found in the natural and the man-made world are reduced to their most basic shapes and forms in limited color/value palettes. These paintings continue my interest in symbiotic narratives and the interaction of the natural and human realms, and the often hidden, and evocative forms and patterns of flora and fauna.