These two works are inspired by Bertolt Brecht’s poem, Litany of Breath, especially its refrain:

About this the little birds were silent in the forest.
Over all the mountains is rest:
In all the treetops you perceive
Scarcely a breath.

As described in the poem, the bleak living conditions and violent human interactions found in the urban environment are in stark contrast to the silent little birds in the countryside. The birds in these two works appear unconcerned by the conditions of the falling man and the reaching woman, and reflect the lack of concern of humans for their fellow man in today’s world, unless the situation or conditions affect them personally. The word litany has two meanings: one - a series of songs or spoken requests for the blessing of God, and two - a long list of problems or complaints. As in the refrain, the birds in these two works are silent – not singing for blessings – but also not speaking up about the long list of social and political problems that continue to plague the human realm.