Adolescent angst, an acute feeling of anxiety or apprehension that is often accompanied by depression, is a frustrating, painful, and occasionally frightening dilemma for teens (and their parents). As an artist/arts educator, I have worked with teens in both school and out of school for many years, and I also have two teenage daughters of my own. As a parent, I am stunned by the amount of stress our society places on young people at a time in their lives when their growing brains and bodies are going though so much natural change. As an observer and an artist, I have studied the moments when they do not think anyone is watching, but that express so much of what they are feeling and dealing with. This series of six graphite drawings, mounted in narrow white frames with a nail puncturing its surface, convey the unwarranted tension found in many young people’s lives today.

This series is dedicated to my two daughters.