Artist Statement

In the practice of my art I explore what it is to be a human in this world, both individually and collectively.  I am interested in how the human psyche perceives and constructs reality, subjective experiences, illusion and disillusion.   I render narrative figurative images, often in a fragmented way, to evoke emotional, psychological, or spiritual states and suggest human vulnerability when facing the discrepancy between desires and reality.

My works juxtapose the idealistic narratives of societal dreams from the past with the contradictions, changes and complexities of contemporary life. Silhouettes, detailed renderings of figures, and the overlay of fragmented, invasive, nature-based patterns or images create visual commentaries with undertones of foreboding, wanting and dismay.  My works delve into the complex world of reality and fantasy.  Their visual irony compel the viewer to reflect on and reconsider the relationship between what remains, what is scrapped and what is made new in society’s collective consciousness.

- Laurel Garcia Colvin